Project Description
TeamWork.Net is a c# SDK for the API of´s project management platform.

Make sure to read all introductionary entries on teamwork´s developers website

To use the API you need a personal API Key. To get your key, follow the introductionary guide

Please Note!
This project is no official project of but it´s fully supported.

The SDK comes in various formats:
* .Net 3.5 ,.Net 4.0 and .Net 4.5.1 for MVC, ASP or simple Windows Forms applications
* Universal App PCL for use in Universal Apps
* Xamarin C# for use in Xamarin Android or Iphone Projects

- MVC Example
- Windows Forms Example

Implementation Support and Development
If you need assistance in implementing the sdk or if you want us to do your work,
simply send us an email to

For very basic usage see documentation
For more detailed usage see ImplementationGuide
For Uploadhistory see History

Feel free to ask any questions you have

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